Burnout Prevention & Recovery

Dr. Lisa Belanger

We all exist somewhere on the spectrum of peak performance to burnout. The work does not stop, and the future brings more change and uncertainty. Burnout prevention is proactive and recovery is a hands-on process, yet we are rarely taught how to properly do either. The good news is that there are skills, habits and work designs that aid in recovery from burnout and facilitate burnout prevention!

Based on psychology, neuroscience and behavioural medicine, we know a shift in mindset can allow for a more effective approach to work. This session focuses on building a personalized guide with practical application and skill development.

*DATE CHANGE* October 28, 2022

In-person workshop
Fredericton @ Wu Centre (6 Duffie Dr)

*Please note that the Wu Conference Centre currently has a masking policy in place. All attendees must wear a facemark upon entering the building and while in public spaces within the building (lobby, hallways, washrooms, etc.). If attendees arrive without a facemask, the Wu Centre will provide a disposable one at the cost of $1.00 each. 

There is no cost to attend these workshops and some expenses may be reimbursed. Check out our travel policy for more information.