Collaborating for Success: Building Relationships for Success with

Shawn Casemore

Creating powerful relationships is critical to the success of any organization, however as each and every person is unique, the specific approach and time necessary to create a stronger and more productive relationship can often seem unclear or impossible. Add to this the demands on employees today to work with diverse groups, to “stay-connected” at all times and to hit organizational targets that are often disconnected from their daily reality, and the result can be a feeling of overwhelm and disappointment.

Fortunately, the solution is not as difficult to achieve as we might think. Achieving greater levels of collaboration is not a methodology as much as it is an understanding of people, our unique differences and how to capitalize on individual and group strengths in order to be more creative. Put differently, our success both individually and organizationally all hinge on our ability to build strong collaborative relationships. In this interactive session we’ll discuss the attributes of building powerful and productive collaborations with members, vendors and each other, helping us to help each other be more effective and achieve greater levels of success.