Building a Modern and Inclusive Workplace

Robyn Tingley

Winning workplaces are diverse and inclusive ones. They perform better, unleash creativity, and keep top talent engaged. Our workforce is undergoing significant changes as older workers retire, and younger, more diverse employees move into leadership positions.

In this workshop we’ll explore generational differences, key drivers of engagement, and what younger workers are looking for in a work environment where they can realize their full potential.

Learning Objectives 

  • Review demographics about new career starters and key defining characteristics of this next generation, including mental health risk factors
  • Identify how to dispel harmful stereotypes
  • Analyze research findings from GlassSKY’s Millennial surveys about workplace attitudes and what younger workers want in terms of workplace communication, professional development, performance feedback, and sense of belonging. 
  • Discover powerhouse skills and mindset from next-gen rising leaders on such topics as global diversity, collaboration, and tech savviness.