Staying Strong: Working with Mindfulness to Build Resiliency

Beth Wallace

Mindful Awareness is something we are all capable of. Mindfulness has been proven by science to reduce feelings of stress, make our bodies healthier, help us integrate the body and mind – and ultimately show up in our lives at work and home with greater ease and joy.  

Whether new to mindfulness and awareness practice, or with no prior experience, explore how 5 – 10 min of daily mindfulness practice can help you hit the reset button. Bring your body and mind into the same place at the same time and experience the benefits. Learn, in simple language, the science of body-mind integration – hear how brain research is changing how think!  Recognize the difference between general fatigue and burnout – and explore on-the-spot practices to help when the going gets super tough. How we return to a place of wellness while riding the inevitable highs and lows of life during these trying times? 

You already have all the ingredients you need to return a sense of balance and wholeness – learn how to finetune your response to difficult situations and bring a sense of presence and awareness to day-to-day life. Mindfulness can bring more ease to your mind and body – learn how!

Participants hear about 2 practical tools and approaches they can begin to apply in their day-to-day life both at home that will lower stress, and enhance clarity and decision making. 

TTF TV Episode #3 will take place April 14 from 1:00-3:30pm.