Darci Lang’s Sessions

Saturday’s Opening Keynote: Focus on the 90% 

Darci Lang will be sharing her keynote presentation, Focus on the 90%. Darci believes that we all have a choice where we focus our magnifying glass of life. We can focus it on what is positive and good in our lives or what is not good. Those choices affect how we treat ourselves, the people we work with and the people that we love. How can we be positive even when there are 10% happening around us? This presentation will fill your tool boxes back up! Darci is from Saskatchewan, a hall of fame speaker, an award-winning entrepreneur, a wife to handsome farm boy Darren, mom to adult children and rescue pets. She is truly someone who walks her talk.

Breakout Session 1A: Living the 90%

Living the 90% is a deeper dive into her focus on the 90% philosophy. Join Darci as she unpacks why we focus on what we focus on! What we focus on starts with the person in the mirror and ripples to everyone around us. We have to make sure the person in the mirror is well. This breakout will be highly interactive, humorous and insightful. This breakout will give you even more tools to take this 90% message home!