Dr. Lisa Belanger’s Sessions


Breakout Session 1B: Brain Training for Peak Performance & Proactive Mental Health 

For many corporations, their greatest asset is the productivity, creativity, and innovation of their employees. What can we do to promote brain health and optimal performance? Our brains function best when they alternate between intense productivity and rest.

In this session, Dr. Lisa Belanger draws on psychology, behavioural science, and neuroscience to empower the participants to take control of their behaviours and daily practices to help cultivate the best conditions to think clearly, make better decisions, be more productive, build resilience, and have more energy. Dr. Belanger will explain the most effective ways to manage short-term and long-term stress and provide practical exercises with a low investment of time, but significant gains in mental strength. To learn more about Dr. Belanger, click here.

Breakout Session 3A: Making it Stick: The Science of Creating Lifelong Habits 

Turn the best of intentions into real action. 

We are the sum of our daily habits. Over time these seemingly small behaviours define our health and performance, and have a profound impact on helping us achieve our goals. In this talk, Dr. Lisa Belanger establishes a research-based framework that people can use every day to drive towards their goals and design the life and career they desire.

Drawing from psychology, neuroscience, and behavioural medicine, Lisa will introduce practical strategies to help attendees develop their desired habits, break bad habits, and ensure these changes stick — even when facing periods of stress and change. She’ll share insights into how to create an environment and social network, both at work and home, that will make cultivating successful habits easier. Together you will explore the impact of how these small changes help us close the gap between what we intend to doand what we actually do.

Participants will walk away with the skills and an understanding of what habits have the highest return on investment for health, productivity and performance that can be implemented immediately. Take control of your habits, and take control of your life. To learn more about Dr. Belanger, click here.