Exploring Diversity

As part of IBEW37 Training Trust Fund & LifeWorks Wellbeing Essentials Series

Understanding, respecting and promoting a diverse workplace is a smart response to the challenges facing businesses today, yet there is a great deal of confusion surrounding the definition and purpose of diversity. Diversity initiatives are designed to help recruit and retain the best and the brightest individuals by removing barriers and creating a work environment that is responsive to the needs of all employees. The outcome is an organization positioned to meet strategic business initiatives and benefit through improved teamwork, productivity and profitability.

The challenge lies in creating a workplace that welcomes diverse employees and encourages peak performance. This session is designed to build awareness by introducing you to the topic of diversity and exploring the impact of inclusion versus exclusion in the work environment. You will have the opportunity to plan initiatives designed to create a work environment of value and respect, enabling the organization to meet strategic business goals.

At the end of this seminar, participants will be able to:

  • Define the primary and secondary dimensions of diversity
  • Identify the origins of personal assumptions and attitudes towards individuals who differ from ourselves
  • Explore the many kinds of diversity in the workplace and techniques that contribute to organizational cohesiveness

Exploring Diversity
Facilitator: Jonathan Zinck

July 7, 2021
Virtual Workshop