Heather Moyse’s Session

Sunday’s Opening Keynote: Champion Mindset – Redefining ‘Realistic’ 

How is it that some talented and gifted people never live up to or learn to maximize their potential? Never feel fulfilled? Never achieve more than what is expected of them? Heather Moyse knows. As a three-sport National athlete, four-time Olympian, two-time Olympic gold medalist, and certified occupational therapist, Heather has learned through her experiences in helping herself and others achieve at the highest levels that the qualities it takes to be successful as an athlete are the same qualities it takes to be successful in any occupation or industry – none of which have anything to do with physical strength or stamina. In this presentation, Heather reveals the four essential elements needed to succeed – four critical elements required for her to reach the top of the Olympic podium and anyone to overcome their obstacles and achieve at the highest level of performance, success, and fulfillment.When you develop a champion mindset, you will be unstoppable!