Workplace Learning Solutions: Wellbeing Essentials

The TTF has partnered with Morneau Shepell to provide its Workplace Learning Solutions program. This program was developed as a series of relevant and timely webinars to address many of the biggest issues we face today. As we continue to live through challenging times, it’s critical to care for our wellbeing and to look out for those around us. These webinars were selected specifically to address common themes to support your wellbeing throughout the year. There are many key strategies and concepts we can learn that will help us be stronger mentally, physically and financially, but will also help us connect more to others and recognize potential issues during these trying times and beyond. Below is the workshop schedule.

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Learning from Positive Psychology

Positive psychology focuses on enhancing wellbeing and helping an individual flourish. It aims to create a more balanced psychology that encompasses the wholeness of the human experience. Several research studies on happiness have been conducted based on the concept of positive psychology to understand what allows people to flourish, be more resilient and increase their perception of happiness. Scientists found that when referring to happiness, we need to look at positive feelings and overall life satisfaction which is largely attributable to intentional activities.

In other words, we must empower ourselves to create our own happiness. In this seminar, participants will learn strategies to increase happiness through intentional activities.

At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Define happiness and understand the role of positive psychology
  • Identify what drives genuine happiness
  • Understand the latest research on happiness and where you have the greatest impact and influence on your happiness levels
  • Clarify some of the barriers to happiness
  • Learn research-based tips and strategies for sustainable happiness

Learning from Positive Psychology
June 17, 2021

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Exploring Diversity

Understanding, respecting and promoting a diverse workplace is a smart response to the challenges facing businesses today, yet there is a great deal of confusion surrounding the definition and purpose of diversity. Diversity initiatives are designed to help recruit and retain the best and the brightest individuals by removing barriers and creating a work environment that is responsive to the needs of all employees. The outcome is an organization positioned to meet strategic business initiatives and benefit through improved teamwork, productivity and profitability.

The challenge lies in creating a workplace that welcomes diverse employees and encourages peak performance. This session is designed to build awareness by introducing you to the topic of diversity and exploring the impact of inclusion versus exclusion in the work environment. You will have the opportunity to plan initiatives designed to create a work environment of value and respect, enabling the organization to meet strategic business goals.

At the end of this seminar, participants will be able to:

  • Define the primary and secondary dimensions of diversity
  • Identify the origins of personal assumptions and attitudes towards individuals who differ from ourselves
  • Explore the many kinds of diversity in the workplace and techniques that contribute to organizational cohesiveness

    Exploring Diversity
    July 7, 2021

The Art of Managing Conflict

Conflict is a common part of life, a natural result of people having different points of view, values, and beliefs. When left unaddressed, workplace conflict can lead to increased absenteeism and reduced productivity. When well-managed, conflict can enhance your relationships, deepen your understanding of yourself and others, and stimulate change and growth.

This seminar will provide participants with a framework for assessing the types of conflict common in the workplace and propose strategies for their resolution.

At the end of this seminar, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the nature and impact of conflict
  • Understand the effects of unresolved conflict
  • Apply practical strategies for resolving conflict

The Art of Managing Conflict
August 24, 2021

A Guide to Emotional Intelligence

In this seminar, participants will be introduced to the concept of emotional intelligence and learn about the connection between their thinking, emotions and resulting behaviors. Employees will uncover the tools and techniques to apply what they have learned to one of their own situations through an activity. They will also have an opportunity to reflect on their learning and think about how they will incorporate emotional intelligence into their lives.

At the end of this seminar, participants will be able to:

  • Explain what emotional intelligence is and is not
  • Identify your own primary and secondary emotions
  • Describe the connection between the brain and emotional responses
  • Use emotional intelligence to change and control your emotions
  • Apply emotional intelligence to your own situations

A Guide to Emotional Intelligence
September 29, 2021

Mental Health Awareness

Individuals suffering from mental disorders often feel distant from friends and loved ones and can find it difficult to perform to their maximum productivity in the workplace. In fact, mental health issues are growing at a faster rate than any other kind of disability in today’s workplace (Canadian Mental Health Association). This situation is exacerbated by the stigma that still exists around mental disorders and the reluctance to discuss it openly at home or at work.

In this seminar, participants will be encouraged to shatter popular myths and misconceptions about mental health and to increase their understanding of the causes and symptoms of mental disorders.

At the end of this seminar, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the impact of mental disorders on the employee
  • Comprehend the importance of support from the workplace
  • Develop strategies for helping themselves or others who are suffering from a mental disorder

Mental Health Awareness
October 7, 2021

Managing Stress: The Road to Resilience

The end of October to the first of the New Year can be a challenging time for most people. The pressures of additional tasks, holiday planning, engaging with relatives, gift selection, increased spending, etc. all contribute to feelings of being overwhelmed.

This seminar helps participants understand the context in which the holidays are stressful and offers tips and strategies to help them manage the psychological, physical, emotional, and financial aspects of planning for and participating in holiday events. Participants are encouraged to evaluate the traditions they and their families follow to better understand the effectiveness of those traditions. In addition, they learn how to develop new and more manageable traditions that can give their holiday celebrations meaning while not overburdening them.

This seminar is designed to help you:

  • Explore six ways to use resilience, proactivity, positivity and creativity to bring out the best in you and others this holiday season
  • Become aware of what matters most to you and how to hold onto it when celebrating the holidays this year
  • Review health, safety and logistical recommendations to keep in mind when planning holiday celebrations
  • Be prepared for difficult conversations about differences in expectations between you and family or others
  • Get creative about what you CAN do to celebrate with family and loved ones

Managing Stress: The Road to Resilience
November 16, 2021