Retirement Income Strategies: A two-part webinar series

Stephanie Holmes-Winton

We have broken the typical full-day workshop into a two-part webinar series that you can do from the comfort of your home. You don’t have to have your camera on, you don’t need anything other than an internet connection and computer to participate. There will be a lot of interaction and polls that will allow for input, and we also have live and private chats enabled so that you can ask questions and get the most out of this webinar.

Sessions will cover:

  • Pre & post-retirement cash flow management
    • Strategies to manage cash flow leading up to retirement so each person can make the most of their resources
    • Behaviour-based cash flow strategies
    • Impacts of fixed income on variable expenses
    • Retirement cash flow strategies
  • Debt and credit pre & post-retirement
    • How debt impacts retirement income, and how to get on track to be debt-free by retirement
    • Interest rates vs cost of debt
    • Debt negotiation strategies
    • How credit scores work
    • How credit scores impact retirement
    • Strategies to improve credit
  • Determining retirement income
    • Hands-on exercises to uncover retirement income need
    • Impacts on retirement income
    • Strategies to manage retirement income when the market is down
  • Retirement income sources
    • Gov’t and private sources of retirement income
    • Taxation of sources of income
    • Types of investments to generate income
    • Interactions between different types of retirement income
  • Retirement income stacking
    • How to stack different sources of retirement income to maximize stability and the amount of income the retiree keeps
    • Timing of different sources of income
    • Changing income sources during retirement to address changes in market conditions

Part 1:
April 21, 2021 9-12:00pm

Part 2:
April 22, 2021 9-12:00pm

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