Debt and Credit

October 19th


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In this session, we’ll cover debt management strategies for those who are decades away
from retirement, as well as those who will be retiring any day now. Debt is a financial
power tool, and even if you are on track to be debt-free in retirement, you should still
join this session as credit can still play a role in your retirement. No matter how much
or how little debt you have, you’ll learn practical strategies to reduce the cost of debt
and improve your credit score.

Join us to learn about:

  • How debt impacts current and retirement resources
  • How to ensure you’re on track to be debt-free by retirement
  • Interest rates vs cost of debt
  • Why being debt-free by retirement doesn’t mean you won’t use debt during retirement (car loans and more)
  • Debt negotiation strategies
  • How credit scores work
  • How credit scores impact more than debt

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Oct 19 2021


All Day