Shop Stewards

Local 37 looks out for more than just negotiating your wages and benefits. Your union is always standing ready to lend support and help resolve any issues you might encounter in the workplace. The types of issues can vary from work location to work location, and nobody knows them better than your local union representatives – what we call shop stewards. Every bargaining unit has shop stewards in the workplace appointed by the Business Manager. They are trained to support fellow union members by helping them understand their contract and rights in the workplace.

Whether it has to do with how you were hired, workplace safety, or a manager who consistently expects you not to claim overtime you’re entitled to, shop stewards are responsible for making sure the collective agreement is respected and adhered to in your location. They’ll do their best to resolve any problems that arise between workers and management at the local level.

Members are encouraged to contact a shop steward first, and as soon as possible, if they:
• Have questions about the contract
• Believe their employer violated their contract
• Have concerns about working conditions in the workplace
• Feel bullied, harassed, or discriminated against
• Suspect they might be disciplined or terminated

Below is a complete list of shop Stewards organized by employer and work location.

NB Power Distribution, Corporate, and Customer Service

Fredericton Office
• Dave Blaxland
• Wanda Hierlihy, SENIOR STEWARD
• Floyd Tapley
• Devin Rynard

Marysville Field Op
• Dana Hebert

Energy Control Center
• Jonathan Sherrard

Head Office
• Lynn Cote-Hanson
• Chris Burns
• Bob Elvin
• Jennifer MacPherson
• Karen Pelletier
• Carole Sherrard
• Peter Stymiest
• Jasmina Turkovic
• Lisa Welton
• Taylor Allen

Fredericton Contact Centre (HO):
• Vacant

Service Centre – Marysville
• Martin Poirier

Bathurst Office
• Glen Worrall
• Dave Brown

Bouctouche Office
• Shane Avery
• Pauline Comeau

Miramichi Office
• Royden Donald

Chatham Office
• Steven Carter

Eel River Op Centre:
• Vacant

Grand Falls Office
• Mel Morin

Moncton Office:
• Harley Claveau
• Darryl MacCallum
• Mark Maillard
• Pierre Perron
• Rob Robichaud

Rothesay Office:
• Jeff Colepaugh
• Ken Collings
• Ted Robertson

St Stephen Office:
• Denis Weeks

Sussex Office:
• Vacant

Tracadie Office
• Ricky Robertson

Energy Efficiency Services
• Shawn Chisolm

• Vacant

NB Power Generation

Bayside Generating Station
• Dan Hunter

Belledune Generating Station:
• David Aube
• Gaetan Cormier
• Derek Gallen, SENIOR STEWARD
• Wayne Guitar
• Michel Hickey
• John Lidstone
• Frank Lapointe
• Bernie Lynch, SENIOR STEWARD
• Frank McDonnell
• Tracy Rankin
• Rodney Richard
• Morris Stevens
• Ron Zinke

Coleson Cove Generating Station:
• Don Dignam
• Troy Jarvis
• Kane, Stacey
• Andrew Mawhinney
• Ed Murphy
• Andrew Rowe
• Michelle Taylor-Danks

Grand Falls Plant
• Matthew Broad
• Denis Pelletier

Beechwood Generating Stations:
• Vacant

• Mike Chiasson
• George Gilbert
• John Murphy
• Doug Pare

Nepisiguit Falls Generating Station:
• David Aube

NB Power Nuclear

• Barry, Debbie, SENIOR STEWARD – Projects Dayshift
• Bent, Deanna – Supply Dayshift
• Burton, Steven – Operations Shift
• Carleton, Daniel – EI&C Shift
• Cassidy, Matt – ERT B Shift
• Dickson, Don, SENIOR STEWARD – Engineering Dayshift
• Dykeman, Andrew – Operations Work Management Day Shift
• Fairweather, Mike – Operations B
• Fowler, Darren – Operations F
• Galbraith, Krista, SENIOR STEWARD – Training Dayshift
• Garnett, Keith – ERT D Shift
• Hanlon, Peter – Senior Fuel Handling Specialist
• Henderson, Stephen – Facilities Dayshift
• Hickman – LeRoy, Leanna – Supply Dayshift
• MacLeod, Gregory – Security Shift
• Northrup, Brian – Operations Dayshift
• Payne, Leon – Nuclear Oversight Dayshift
• Phillips, Peter – Operations
• Selman, Chris – Nuclear Safety Dayshift
• Walsworth, Phil – Chemistry Shift

NB Power Transmission

• Luc Bujold

• Dan Goguen

Woodstock Office:
• Vacant

Energy Control Centre:

• Phil Hepditch, SENIOR STEWARD
• Nicholas Carr
• Marc Losier

Head Office:
• Heidi Northrup – H O 5

Rothesay Office
• Paula Lizotte

formerly NBSO (New Brunswick System Operators)
• Marc Theriault
• Shannon O’Donnell

Rogers TV

• Andre Arsenault – Saint John
• Serge Levesque – Edmundston
• Charles Vienneau – Moncton
• Joel Landry – Moncton

Outside Line Contractors

• Vacant

IBEW Local 37 Office

Claude Richard
Glenn Hubbard
Mike Goddard
Dave McNeill