To support and encourage training and development activities that contribute to success in the workplace and career development.

Key Result Areas

To ensure that we fulfill our mandate we will focus on these key result areas:

Administering the Training Trust Fund

The Board of the Training Trust Fund has been charged with responsibility for administering the Fund on behalf of its members. The Board is committed to being financially responsible and accountable to its members and operating in an open and transparent manner.

Supporting Group Learning Activities

The Training Trust Fund has traditionally sponsored training and development activities that are offered on first-come, first-served bases to all of its members. These are described in an annual training calendar. The Training Trust Fund also supports group learning activities, such as workshops, that are specifically designed for targeted groups.

Supporting Individual Learning Activities

Individual members are supported and encouraged to identify and participate in individual training and development activities that support their professional and career development. Financial support is provided to members who choose to engage in activities that meet the criteria of the program, to a maximum of $2000.00 per person per fiscal year. This support is provided on first-come, first-served bases.

Strategic Goals

Key Result Area: Administering the Training Trust Fund

  • To develop and implement a communication and marketing plan that will promote the training trust fund to members
  • To update the training trust agreement reflecting the organizational changes at NB Power
  • To review, and as required revise, the policies and procedures that govern the administration of the training trust fund
  • To develop a training and orientation program for training trust fund board members

Key Result Area: Supporting Group Learning Activities

  • To undertake a project that will provide the infrastructure required to implement a training calendar of workshops that meet the training and professional development needs and expectations of members
  • To support a minimum of eight (8) learning activities that are offered via a training calendar to all training trust fund members
  • To support specialized learning opportunities, on an as needed bases for specific groups of training trust fund members

Key Result Area: Supporting Individual Learning Activities

  • To provide financial support for individual learning activities that contribute to the professional and career growth of training trust members