The Learning Reimbursement program provides financial assistance for eligible members of IBEW Local 37 to support training and development activities to a maximum of $1,000.00 per person, per fiscal year. This can be a total of more than one training and development activity.  Activities may include, but are not limited to, courses offered by universities and other learning institutions, workshops and conferences, e-learning, and self-study.  

Support is provided “first-come, first-served” based on the individual merit of each application and funds available.  Financial assistance for wages, including replacement wages, is not provided. The application for assistance must be requested prior to the event/activity. Assistance is only provided for activities that are not funded, or are only partially funded, by NB Power. Please outline any funding provided by the employer in section #6 of the application. 

Following is the process for application.

1. Prior to participating in the individual training and development activity, the member must complete and submit the Application for Financial Support, Part A. If Part A is not submitted and approved prior to undergoing a learning activity, the application may not be approved.

2. The application will be reviewed by the Program Coordinator of the TTF to determine whether or not the activity is within the mandate of the Training Trust Fund. The member will be informed of the decision by email.

The mandate of the Training Trust Fund is:
To support and encourage training and development activities that
contributes to success in the workplace and career development.
3. If the application is accepted, the member will submit the Request for Reimbursement, Part B along with all required receipts and documentation, upon completion of the training and development activity.

4. If the application is not accepted, the member can appeal the decision. It will then be reviewed at the next meeting of Training Trust.

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