Meet the Financial Wellness App – Winton!

The Winton App is a digital tool to help members manage cash flow and apply what was learned from the Money Monday sessions.

The Winton App includes an eLearning toolkit that shows you tips and strategies on managing cash flow, budgeting, setting goals, and more! You will also find the recordings of the financial workshops in Winton as of 2023

Who can access it?

All Local 37 Members and their families have access to Winton!

What is it?

Stephanie Holmes-Winton has been facilitating our retirement and financial planning sessions for over three years. You now have access to Winton, a financial spending tool developed by Stephanie and her team at CacheFlo.

The Winton app provides essential spending advice and identifies how much cash flow the user could free up by following its recommendations.  Winton also gives people full transparency and control over who has access to their financial information and can give advice.

IBEW 37 members have exclusive access to Winton because of our partnership with CacheFlo. This program is not available to the general public – so don’t miss out on taking advantage of this opportunity and sign up now!

Check out the Demo below to see what Winton is all about!

How does it work?

Sign Up by clicking here or using the button at the top of the page. You’ll receive an email with instructions on how to use the app similar to the one below. Don’t forget to check your Spam or Other folders – just in case!

*Disclaimer: IBEW Local 37 does not have access to any personal data that members input into the Winton application. The only data that is available to IBEW Local 37 is aggregate financial health and usage data on the group, as a whole, to report on the efficacy of the program.


Discover eLearning modules in Winton designed to make your money work smarter for you! Research highlights the importance of applying financial education promptly for lasting impact, and these learning modules are crafted to ensure just that.

No need to fret about giving up your morning coffee; this program focuses on sustainable changes. Take the lessons at your own pace, from anywhere, on any device. Whether you have a few minutes or more, you’ll pick up practical financial strategies that you can start using right away!

List of classes in order that are available through Winton:

Lesson 1: Budgeting Barriers (15 min)
Lesson 2: Mental Math (10 min)
Lesson 3: Smarter Spending (10 min)
Lesson 4: Meet Winton (20  min)
Lesson 5: Automating Accounts (5 min)
Lesson 6: Money Mindset (10 min)
Lesson 7: Goal Getting (10 min)
Lesson 8: Funding Fun (5 min)
Lesson 9: Safety Savings (5 min)
Lesson 10: Future Funds (5 min)
Lesson 11: Destroy Debt (5 min) 
Lesson 12: Tips & Tricks (10 min)