Money Monday Series

featuring Stephanie Holmes-Winton

Money Mondays are short monthly webinars hosted by Stephanie Holmes-Winton, CEO and founder of CacheFlow.

Gain financial insight into your financial habits by attending webinars on personal finance, retirement, savings, and more. These sessions offer valuable knowledge to empower you in making informed decisions and securing your financial future..

To attend these half-an-hour sessions, click the button to register for upcoming sessions. Money Mondays take place via Teams Meeting once a month. Check out the 2024 Money Monday Series schedule by clicking the button below. Can’t attend the live sessions? All the Money Mondays recordings are available on our website! Please note: the Money Mondays recording page is password protected. Please contact for the password.

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Measuring your retirement readiness
May 27, 2024 at 10am

How will you know you’re ready to retire? It all starts by taking stock of specific areas of your finances in the years leading up to your retirement. You want to be aware of these areas early on in your career and start assessing your progress more closely.

Join Stephanie Holmes-Winton for Money Monday on May 27, 2024, at 10 am. During this 30-minute live event, we’ll dig into where you want your debt, savings, pension, investments, and credit to be as you head closer to winding up your career.

We encourage you to send your questions ahead of time to get the most from the session. Please send your questions ahead of time to get the most from the session by emailing or submitting them upon registration. Live questions will also be answered.