The Right Choice

We are a union of professionals for professionals.

We are team of professionals dedicated to representing professionals when it comes to rights, workplace issues, developing and delivering programs, and helping improve the lives of our members and their families.

We’re different.

Unions come in all shapes and sizes. All have the best interests of their members at heart, but beyond that there are often significant differences in philosophy and approach.

At IBEW Local 37, we like to feel, and have been repeatedly told, that we’re one of the most progressive-minded unions in the country, and in fact beyond. It’s a reputation we’re proud of. And it starts with always doing what’s best for our members.

We accomplish this with our firmly held belief that most workplaces have grown beyond the old “us versus them” paradigm – born back in the day when unions formed out of necessity to fight for basic rights against exploitative bosses. Those days are gone, and at IBEW, so too is that “us versus them” mentality.

Today, we are motivated by the understanding that we’re in this together, and that the employer needs to be successful for us to benefit, so we look for solutions that are win-win. IBEW’s Code of Excellence is an example of this. The Code is an initiative initiated by the union to do every job properly, on time and on budget, and it lays out the responsibilities members must assume in order to meet this professional standard.

All this to say two things – we have what we feel is an excellent working relationship with our employers, but this is not to say we don’t have our disagreements. But when we do, we have processes in place to work them out in an environment of professional respect. We fight hard for our members, but always at a professional not personal level. Again, it is about win-win.

We work for you.

Workers, regardless of experience, education, skills, or designation all share the same basic needs in order to do their job well. And Local 37 will work for you, and with you, to help you get and maintain those needs – things like:

  •  Fair and reasonable hours
  • Manageable workload
  • Decent wage
  • Guarantee of fair benefits
  • Protection from unjust treatment
  • Respect
  • Recognition of skills, education, and expertise

The IBEW is a powerful and respected advocate to have on your side and when you become a member. You’re never without the backing or resources you need to protect your rights. Instead of being forced to deal with an employer alone, unionized workers have a strong voice in negotiating the conditions of their employment and protecting their rights on the job.

IBEW Local 37 is not made up of outsiders. You and your co-workers are the union. Union staff will assist members in negotiating contracts, filing grievances, training stewards, and helping make the workplace better. Local 37 will work for you to ensure you have meaningful work that helps betters your life and your community.In addition to better wages, better benefits, and increased job security, members will benefit from the strength that comes from solidarity. Unlike non-union workers, union members are not alone when they have grievances, or when they raise health and safety concerns. Workers are stronger when they stand shoulder-to-shoulder rather than alone.

IBEW Local 37 members can also access a wide range of benefits and resources including strong, professional representation, support services, education and training opportunities, health and safety support, and more.