Money Mondays #4: Debt

As part of the NEW annual financial wellness education plan made available to members by the IBEW 37 Training Trust and Health, Wellness, and Benefits Committee, there will be short, monthly webinars on various financial wellness topics. The next sessions will be March 22 (Debt), April 19 (Credit Cards), and May 17 (Managing Major Purchases). We are welcoming feedback on what kind of topics you would like to see covered during these sessions!

Money Mondays #4: Debt

For most Canadians, the cost of repaying debt is second only to income tax when it comes to how it impacts our personal finances. Debt is a reality for most of us, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be managed efficiently.  When should you refinance? What are the risks to carrying debt into retirement? How can you make a plan to retire your debt before you do? To find out more, join Stephanie Holmes-Winton for Money Monday on March 22, 2021 at 10:00am. This 30min session will provide you with some practical information and tips to make the best debt decisions possible. We encourage you to send your questions ahead to get the most from the session – live questions will also be answered. Questions can be submitted upon registration or by emailing

Money Mondays #4: Debt
March 22, 2021

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Mar 22 2021


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