Frequently asked questions:

How long are the virtual seminars?
Each seminar is one hour.

Is there a cost to utilize this program?
No! Like all of the IBEW37 Training Trust Fund programs, there is no cost to participate / complete this program.

I would like to attend one (or more) seminar(s), but I’m not interested in obtaining a certificate of completion. Can I do that?
That’s okay – you can still register to attend a seminar, however, preference will be given to those that are planning on completing the certificate program(s).

I would like to complete the eLearning modules, but I’m not interested in completing the full certificate program. Can I do that?
Yes, absolutely. Simply register as you normally would and indicate “I’m not registering for a session at this time” under the “Pick workshop*” drop down menu. Then, you would just need to select the Self-directed eLearning course you would like to register for on the “Pick Self-directed eLearning” dropdown menu.

Are these sessions going to be recorded?
No, these sessions will not be recorded.

If I miss a virtual seminar that I’ve registered for, will I be eligible to obtain the certificate of completion?
If you complete six of the twelve seminars, you would receive a Silver certificate of completion. Unfortunately, you must attend and complete all 12 virtual seminars to receive a Gold and Platinum certificate of completion (in addition to the other requirements of those tiers, if applicable).

If you have more questions about this program, please email ttf@ibew37.com or call 506-455-0037.