Workshop Recordings

Please see below for recording links from our financial wellness sessions.

Please carefully read the following notes:

  1. Chrome is the recommended browser.
  2. When participating in a webinar, please do not use NB Power’s VPN infrastructure. This is also true for replaying any of the workshops.
  3. All financial planning workshops are open to immediate family members, including spouses.
  4. The recordings are password protected. Please reach out to or call 506-455-0037 for the password.
  5. If you’re unsure if you’re able to watch the recordings, please reach out to
  6. The Fall 2022 webinars were recorded via Zoom. The links below will bring you to a Zoom webpage.
  7. The webinar recordings will be available in the Winton app by the New Year!

Money Mondays

Stephanie Holmes-Winton

Sessions from Dec 2021-onward

Financial Workshop Series

The financial workshop series are now available within the Winton app.
(Spending & Cashflow, Credit & Debit, Saving & Investing, Retirement Income Planning, and Financial Planning Q&A)

Winton and eLearning Demo

Stephanie Holmes-Winton

October 14th, 2021